Ya conocemos cómo será el sello de La Abadía del Crimen

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  1. LORe dice:

    hi! Is possible to buy online this stamp?


    • Noobsaibot73 dice:

      Hi my friend,

      Yes, as far as I know, you can purchase this (and many others) stamp online, as said here:


      But you need to register in order to create an account, then you can purchase the stamp, at the end of the page (see the link above) you will see the button “Philatelic order” this will give you access to the philatelic purchase section.

      I choosed “english” as language, but it seems to be buggy as it’s shown in spanish… If you have any problem don’t hesitate to contact me and I will translate it for you. Alternatively, you can contact with the philately section of Correos at:  atcliente.filatelia@correos.com    (Philately customer service).

      Please, let me to know if everything was fine.


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