2th MSX-BASIC games contest – Rules

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  • Deadline will be 12th October 2009 23:59 Canary Islands Time Zone (UTC).
  • No program will be admitted after the deadline. Updates and further developments will not be judged in this contest.


  • Participation is open to everyone.
  • There is no maximum number of entries per participant. The more games are sent the more winning chances there are.
  • There is not any videogame gender but we cannnot accept aplications, utilities, loaders, demos and similar programs.
  • The games have to be programmed in 100% MSX-BASIC, using of assembler, compiled BASIC or another programming techniques are not allowed at all. Here is a list with restrictions that must be met by every game, with no exception:

a. Using CALL instruction is forbidden.

b. DEFUSR: You can use calls to BIOS machine code routines.

c. OUT: For compatibility only OUT are allowed to PSG and VDP addresses, if you accesss to VDP through OUTs a total standard compatibility must be achieved (reading the appropiate values with PEEK)

d. POKE: It can be used in any memory address from the end of the program until &HFFFF, I mean you are not allowed to modify the program with POKE (no self-modify coding).

e. USR: You can make calls to machine code routines defined previously with DEFUSR respecting the restrictions for that instruction. Passing parameters, in and out, is allowed but only if it is made through USR.

f. Cassette in/out instructions are forbidden.

g. Printer instructions are also forbidden.

h. MSX-BASIC instructions provided by any extension such as diskrom, expansion cartridges, etc. are forbidden.

  • There is not limitation in the number of lines of code. Line numbers must be 10 by 10, I mean, 10, 20, 30… y so on.
  • The entry will be sent as MSX-BASIC listing written in a text file loadable by MSX. Also participants have to attach a fully commented listing (as much as they want) of the game in a text file . The author can include instructions, story, comments, notes, etc. in order to be published in the website.
  • Participants should send their entries to concursomsxbasic@konamito.com giving a nick and a valid email address. The given nick will be public, but not the email which it will be used by the contest organization to contact with the author.
  • Participants, sending a game they give their connivance to publish their work, including the whole MSX-BASIC listing.
  • The games have to be unpublished. plagiarism or copying (totally or partially) of an existing game (music, graphics, routines, etc.) will be automatically disqualified, and also its author that will not be able to send another entry to this contest.


  • The jury will be known in the following months. It will be formed by two people with experience and knowledge of MSX-BASIC and MSX standard.
  • Jury”s decission cannnot be changed.


  • The three best games will obtain prizes, according with jury”s decission.
  • This contest has a money donation program through Paypal to contribute for the first prize.
  • There will be no-cash prizes that will be announced in the following months.


  • Every question about the contest will be cleared in the Discussion Forums.

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